Monday, February 25, 2008

Freelance Gig: International Theft for $200 Weekly

Two days ago I applied for a long-term freelance job that, according to the listing, involved correcting grammar/spelling mistakes in English correspondence written by the french magazine Sante. Well, that made sense, given the errors in the listing.

Still, the errors had me wondering if this was a legitimate offer. Wouldn't someone professional take the time to have a translator write the listing so that it's clear and understandable? So I went to the website, and the magazine has to be real; it was professional with links, graphics, etc. Plus, the ad was listed in one of the well-known, established writing newsletters I receive weekly. Would someone be so bold as to list their scam in a professional writing newsletter? And wouldn't the newsletter smell such a scam a mile away?

I decided to take a chance and email them my resume, and was excited to see an email from Sante one day later (yesterday). They had a few additional questions about my editing experience, which I answered. I then got a third email that read like this:

We have finish the processing your application and we have approve your application to be our Proof Reader and Cashier.You can contact our english service department on this number: +44-7024087996 anytime.

You are required to summit your full address and you have to always check your mail at least twice a day(morning and night).You will verify all our our english customer service every first week of the month while you will be having a discount payment of $200.00 on weekly. This discount payment will help you in paying some bills like tax on magazine payment and salary with other bills like internet service payment and etc. You dont need to summit any love story.Some few client within your region will also make their payment through you because it will be easy for us to make all your payment this way. We will always instruct about this.Your salary will be starting from $10,000.00 monthly and your first salary will be avaliable by March 13, 2008. Here is the different between your salary and your discount payment. Your salary is a monthly payment while your discount payment is just a payment for the love story written and summited by you weekly. We will also make preparation for all tax,internet service payment and other necessar bills etc.Finally, You will have to summit your full address with the account details for your discount payment weekly and salary monthly.Here are the approved banks list: KiwiBank and St. George bank, Etrade Account From ANZ, Royal Bank and Halifax Bank. Summit your full address and the account details from the approved banks. If you dont have an account with the banks listed above. You can set up a new account with them and get back with the account details while we will also send your laptop within 2week to your address too. Here are the detail require from the account below:

Bank Name: ****
Account Owner Name:****
Complete Account Numbers:****
BSB/Routing/Sort Code/Transit Number:****
Your Direct Mobile Number:****
Your Land Phone Number:****
Bank Branch/City:

We hope you can comprehend. Kindly get back to us with the account details and ensure that your phone is always avaliable for me to reach you anytime and do not put it on voicemail too, then make sure you are checking your email messages at least twice everyday.

My bank account details?! And since when did proofreaders act as "cashiers" or have to submit a "love story," whatever that is? Apparently this person wants me to believe I'll be making 10K per month on top of the $200 for checking my email twice a day...well, there is also the little job of laundering money internationally.

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