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Massivebuoy said...

Hey Coleen, saw you on Judy Dunn's site and made my way over here. I do like what you are doing here. Total disclosure. I am hoping to build on my network and add you as a like-minded resource. I have been reading a ton about building engagement by reaching out to other bloggers in the circles I travel and hope that because we both enjoy Judy's site we may be able to connect and share our communities and ideas. Would love to hear back from you.

Colleen said...

Hi Massivebuoy,

Thanks for stopping by, and of course I'd love to connect as "co-workers" (or maybe I should say "co-writers"?) I'm reading through a few ebooks on building blog communities - two are listed on my "Resources for Writers" tab - and once I'm done digesting it all (in a few months), I'm getting together a group of writers to start making the changes together on our individual blogs. Kind of a "writer's group" for bloggers, to stay motivated and help each other out with all of the crazy optimization rules. Let me know if you're interested!