Here a few things that are too good not to share:

Growing Your Blog

Engagement from Scratch (free ebook through this link)

"How would you build an engaged audience, from scratch? Each of the 30+ co-authors has built an engaged and loyal audience, and in this book they explain exactly how they would do it all again."

Writing for Regional Parenting Magazines

Get Published in Parenting & Family Magazines  $19.85

"I have used this very ebook for the last 3 years to get published in over 100 magazines, and I'm still getting assignments and getting published in new markets monthly You can find  my publishing credits at

This ebook also includes 14 steps to take to get published, 15 ways to generate ideas, 22 general submission guidelines, 25 mistakes to avoid, local sidebars and quotes, exclusivity, simultaneous submissions and rights, cover versus query letters, cover and query letter samples, your author website and how to build one, your reprint list and sending it out, taking on assignments, getting paid, a typical writers release sample, a sample invoice, sample submission tracking spreadsheet...."

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