Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No, Really. I Got Paid for an Article!

No kidding, in my email this morning, I received notice that my offer to write an article for an insurance website was accepted. I have to admit, it was a bid I placed on one of those internet boards I ranted about because they pay so little. However, I took advice from some successful online freelancers and dug through the low-paying heap to find two fair projects - one that offered generous payment, and another that sounded like it would. Both projects needed someone knowledgeable in the field, which seems to be the recent trend. I was happy to find that, I was! The insurance site wanted an article for businessowners on commercial auto coverage. This was what my proposal said:

"For five years I worked as a licensed insurance agent, and answered customer questions about their personal home and auto insurance. I can't tell you how many business people didn't want to get commercial auto insurance because it costs more. But while it's more money, it also covers the car and driver's liability in the event of an accident and lawsuit. A personal policy does not.

The key to helping people understand insurance is to talk (or write) simply, in a straightforward way, with none of the lingo. I'd be happy to research commercial policies and write an article that explains commercial auto insurance and the need for it. I've attached an instructional article as a sample of my writing. A link to my article can be found at (link). I'm a former newspaper reporter, and now freelance full-time. My current project is acting as editor of the local newsletter for Literacy Volunteers. Thanks, "

My other proposal was declined because my bid was too high. These are the first two bids I placed online, and I think the reason I got a yes so quickly was because I'm experienced in the field. I'm going to try to apply this to all of my print queries, too.

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