Monday, April 14, 2008

The 18-Minute Chili Plan

Recently I considered taking a long-term temp position to supplement writing income while I build my freelance business. Just agreeing to interview for the position left a heavy feeling in my stomach; I could practically feel my writing career being slowed by a big Job-speed-bump. I tried to ease the feeling by reasoning with myself: it would be part-time. Close to home. It's in marketing; and hey, I've always found that interesting, haven't I? Haven't I?

The brick in my stomach knew better: I'd have to give up my morning writing group. I wouldn't have the time I wanted to research and write for magazines, or even for newspapers on a larger scale. Of course plenty of people work, have families AND maintain writing careers. Somehow I've never been one of those people. Still, there were bills to pay.

Things weren't looking good...and then I read about author Carolyn See's 18-minute chili.

Actually, it was her dad's 18-minute chili. He'd started by making 18-HOUR chili - which according to Carolyn - consumed her dad's free time and resulted in chili so magnificent that it brought tears to the tasters' eyes. But there were times when he didn't have the time or energy to pour into that 18-hour chili. At those times, he settled for making 18-MINute chili which, while not eye-watering fantastic, was pretty okay tasting.

There's not always time to pour into that next novel or prize-winning (heck, Publishable!) article, but there's always time to write shorter articles or to work on pieces of a larger project. 18-minute chili may not be the best, but it's still chili.

And isn't 18-minute chili better than none at all?
Yes, I believe it is.

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