Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What's in a (Blog) Name?

The more I read the community of bloggers out there, the more I notice that the most read & referenced blogs have short, catchy blog names. And those that don't have short names are assigned one by readers who pull out the most unique words.

The known writing blogs are usually referenced in one to three words, at most: Freelance Switch, Men with Pens, InkThinker. That's not to say there aren't popular blogs out there with longer or more generic titles, BUT -- who wants to make it hard for readers to remember and reference a blog?

The three I mentioned above came to me right away because they are unique, whereas some of the others like Freelance Writing Jobs (while keyword rich) were so general that I had to look them up to make sure I had the right wording. Another downside to keyword rich blogs (once they've got a steady readership): when I forgot the exact name and typed 'Freelance Writing Jobs' into the search engine, that blog wasn't the first listing.

So today I spent some time thinking about:
What word best describes this blog theme compared to other writing blogs?
What word would I want used to reference it?

I've decided that Kickstart is a quick way to reference it & reflects the theme. While the change from "Kicking off" to "Kickstart" sounds like a small thing, I think it really does make a difference.

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Michele said...

I think you're right. KickStart does have a fresh, short ring to it. If you venture off to get your own domain name and/or move to WordPress, you could use Has a nice ring to it, eh?

Now, my domain name ( is a lot longer! Writing the Cyber Highway is something I originally used as a title for an article I had published last year. The title just flashed through my mind, I used it on the article, the editor loved it, and then I had a thought: wouldn't that make a fantabulous title for a blog?! And, my wee blog was born. I started out on Blogger, recently moved to WordPress, and love every minute of it.

Will my blog ever be as popular as those you mentioned in this post? I doubt it. But I love my title, my design, and that's what keeps me inspired to continue blogging/writing the cyber highway. :-)

Best wishes to you!