Saturday, June 14, 2008

Courting Skirt (Skirt Magazine, that is)

A couple of months ago I'd decided I was going to keep submitting to Byline until I got something accepted, and that persistence paid off. Now I've got a theory and have decided to test it out on a new publication: Skirt!, which is a fun, playful magazine published both online and in print.

The theory? That if the same editors see my name month after month, attached to professional submissions, eventually they'll accept something from me. It's kind of like the "courting" thing that Carolyn See talked about in her book.

Seeing as my submission to Skirt! two weeks ago not only received an actual reply back - but a nice rejection at that (!) - I figure I'm off to a pretty good start. Hey, we've already shared our first exchange...although not exactly the one I'd hoped for. This week I wrote a second article for Skirt's "Detour" issue coming up in August. Next I'll write one for their issue in September...then November...

The plan is to keep targeting publications that I'd love to list in my writer bio. The first one's down. Next are Skirt! and the Christian Science Monitor. I figure the more well-known, respected publications I can list as clips in my queries and on my bio, the more likely I'll be to catch an editor's attention & land more acceptances.

So, the courting begins!


Michele said...

Keep it up, Colleen! You remind me so much of myself. :-) It's the ambition, as well as the talent, that will take you far!


P.S. I haven't started on my Travelers Tales submission yet, have you?

Colleen said...

Hi Michele,

Thanks! Speaking of going far...nope, I haven't started my Travelers submission yet.

I'm thinking of writing a piece "When It Rains in the Desert," about the crazy, unexpected things that happen when you travel. I went to "sunny" California a few years ago, the very week that their months-long drought ended. It rained ALL week, non-stop...even in the desert, and we found ourselves sandbagging the place instead of soaking in the sun on the beach.

I'm going to write a draft this week, then plan to rewrite next week to submit. How's your brainstorming going?


Michele said...

I have a couple of ideas but nothing major yet. I've been busy with other things, including getting ready to re-launch my freelance website with a fresh design and content. ;-)

I'll have to get busy with this. Your idea sounds great! Well, not great that you had to go through that, but a great idea for a submission. hehehe