Monday, February 2, 2009

Finding Your Happy, Glossy Niche

Some writers have a natural in: they're nutritionists, or psychologists, or have published a book on the latest trend. They're already experts in their field, and have probably developed relationships with people who'd make great sources and an easy 1,000-word article.

But what about the rest of us?

After days at the library and hours of analyzing different magazines, I've deduced that nutrition isn't the way to go if you're a freelancer - unless you're a health care professional, that is. But thanks to the below criteria, I've finally settled on what should be a successful niche. The qualities I looked for in the topic were:

1. It's extremely marketable, and a topic that most publications are interested in.
2. It's written mainly by freelancers; and those freelancers don't hold degrees or accomplishments in the field.
3. Available information and sources are extensive.
4. The material can be slanted many different ways.

Now it's on to the research...


ACW said...

I applaud your diligent research...and it is turning up a lot of questions I, too, have. My sense is we have plenty of marketable material to write about - but struggle as to where I should invest the time for a return on that investment (I also must get much better at being disciplined to sit and WRITE!) Maybe something we can chat about Monday if we're meeting up?

Colleen said...

You said it perfectly. That's exACTly what I've been struggling with. Now that I've settled on a niche, the question is: what specific article will be most marketable?

I haven't written much lately, either. It feels premature - a waste of time - to start articles before finishing my research & settling on a target topic. Maybe that's your issue, too.

You're one of the more disciplined people I know, so don't be too hard on yourself!