Monday, March 30, 2009

April Goal: Grow Some Cojones

He was a senior citizen who'd only written fiction for a couple of years, and hadn't written for newspapers before. Still, Rich called the editor at his local paper and offered up his article. His words: "I grew up in Bridgeport, and have a story about how all of the theatres have dissappeared. I'd love to see it in the Bridgeport paper." That simple. The editor asked him to send in the story.

Several published articles later, Rich is working on yet another piece, and the editor's asked him to send in anything else he's written. I'll bet if he asked, he could have his own column, too.

So taking some inspiration from him, I've decided that in April I'll not only grow the basil, thyme and oregano in my windowsill. I'm going to grow some cojones, too, and:

1. Ask for help from two editors I know
2. Submit to a glossy magazine
3. Talk with a published writer that I admire
4. Write a first draft without editing

I think a little bit of guts goes a long way when it comes to getting published. We'll see!

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