Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Over 200 Parenting Markets. For FreEEEee to One Subscriber

While many writers draw the line at sharing market listings they've spent EONS of time collecting and organizing, there are a few generous writers who are even willing to share that - and I can't believe I was lucky enough to find one.

Kerrie McLoughlin has been published in over 100 regional parenting magazines, and is one of those generous Teachers who goes out of her way to help other writers, posting writers guidelines updates on her blog and answering emailed questions at all hours of the day and night (although with 5 young children, day and night may have merged at this point). Oh, and she's also put everything she's learned along with over 200 parenting markets in an ebook called Get Published in Parenting and Family Magazines:  Get Paid to Write About Your Kids.
  • Want the names of 100 regional parenting magazines, along with editor names, emails, pay rates and writer's guidelines? In the book. 
  • Detailed advice and information about how to submit parenting articles? In the book. 
  • A successful writer's cover letters, invoices, and submissions trackers? Yep, you guessed it. 
In May I'll be giving away one copy of Get Published in Parenting and Family Magazines to one of Kickstart's email subscribers. If you're interested and not yet subscribed by email, remember to do so before the May 31st giveaway. If you don't want to wait, it's available here (no, I'm not an affiliate. It's just that good).



Kerrie McLoughlin said...

So funny this just popped up in my email box the second after I counted the markets ... there are 237, and I hunt down more all the time. I've personally been in 111 at last count. P.S. Anyone can become an affiliate and make 5 whoppin' bucks off each sale ... and it's super cheap right now! Thanks for writing about it!

Kerrie McLoughlin said...

And good luck to those who enter!

Colleen said...

Thanks for stopping by! I wish I had your knack for finding markets, but am glad that now I don't need it :)

Colleen said...

Hi Anonymous,

Sure. Can you expand a bit?