Monday, November 11, 2013

Make Embarrassment Work For You

So after staying at home with my daughter the past 4 years, I've been hunting for dependable part-time work, with dreams of doing something writing-related. Last week I was lucky enough to connect with a writing teacher at a local college - and more exciting - she asked to see my resume! 

And then I actually pulled up a copy of my last resume...circa 2009. Oh, embarrassment. Well, I made it sound as best as I could and emailed it to her today. And now I'm determined to update the sucker asap. Problem is, there are so many places to start (I guess there could be worse problems) :)  

I sat at the computer today and flipped from my blogs (build a platform!), to magazine submission guidelines & half-finished articles (get more published!), to internet searches for writing programs I could volunteer/work for (get teaching experience!). And then back to the children's book I need to finish for my daughter. 

I flipped from one project to the next, not getting anything done, feeling like it all needed to get done and it needed to get done NOW.

And what I decided was to take my own darn advice and do one small thing per day. Finish an article. Submit a piece. Contact a writing program. Spend some time working out kinks in the children's book. Stop whining about how much writing time I don't have and use those 10 minutes to WRITE. Dang it.

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