Tuesday, March 25, 2008

$750 per month for Experts on About.com

This is the perfect online job and gives a fair, steady monthly income if you can write engaging articles about a field you know. About.com is part of the New York Times, so it's legitimate and looks great on the resume. The catch? They're looking for experts in their field. Some of the topics they need experts on are fashion, identity theft, immigration issues and gluten-free cooking. But if you happen to have extensive experience in these topics, what a great job!! The full list and employment information is listed at http://beaguide.about.com/topics.htm

I'm still writing and submitting, but am also trying to find steady writing gigs that pay monthly income I can count on. I'll post other information as I come across it...


Valencia said...

About.com is definitely a great gig, especially since guides are only required to write (I think) two feature pieces every two weeks and three blog posts a week. I've applied about three times, and I actually completed their Guide prep course three months ago. Unfortunately, I was beat out by another writer. Maybe next time!

Telecommuting Diva

Colleen said...

I'll bet the prep course has brought you that much closer to getting the job the next time you apply. Thanks for sharing the job requirement info!