Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Getting Local Clients

How do you build a client base offline? I recently found out that my sister's husband's sister (deep breath) is a freelancer who's gotten so many requests that she's thinking of turning down some clients - what a problem! I'm waiting on her email address, and then plan to ask her how I, too, can get too many clients to handle. In the meantime, the round-about ways I've found to get clients so far are:

*Volunteering my time as an editor & English tutor at Literacy Volunteers. It's helped my credibility in an area I really enjoy and want more work in, and I've made a few local contacts that way.
*Become a speaker in your area of expertise. This also gives you credibility in an area you enjoy, provides contacts and people who are interested in what you do
*Tell people what you do and what your goals are. The power of telling people what you're about was made really clear in a free, recorded teleseminar by Reach Branding called "How to Make, Grow and Keep Your Business Relationships"
*Be prepared for unexpected clients by creating and carrying business cards (I'm going to have mine printed out today). offers the first 250 for free - you just have to pay for the shipping and there's no future obligation...although they do try to sell you something at every click.

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