Thursday, May 22, 2008

Travel Writing: Three Editorial Calendars

Live Life Travel

June – Indonesia
July – Eastern USA
August – South Pacific Islands
September – South Africa
October – Brazil
November – Hawaii
December – France and Belgium

Travelers Tales (anthologies)

Women's Travel Humor has been a huge hit, and More Sand in My Bra is coming out soon. We're always looking for hilarious, outrageous misadventures for future books, so send us your stories. Deadline for submission: OPEN

The Best Women's Travel Writing 2009 Women writers, please send us your best stories about travel throughout the world for our annual series, The Best Women’s Travel Writing. Previously published essays (within the last year) are OK. We're looking for the full range of experience: adventurous, mystical, funny, poignant, cuisine-related, cross-cultural, transformational—as well as solo travel and travel with friends, mates, and families. Maximum 3,000 words (short pieces are welcome too).Deadline for submission: June 1, 2008 Est. Release Date: February 2009
Please include on your essay all of your contact information, plus a 3- to 10-line bio about yourself. Multiple submissions OK. Email your submissions to

More Humor and Misadventure More Laughing Hyenas. Hyenas Laughed at Me and Now I Know Why got lots of laughs, so we're seeking funny stories for another volume. The book will include stories from both women and men. No length restrictions but for humor, shorter is usually better. Deadline for submission: OPEN Est. Release Date: TBA

Travelers' Tales Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. We're collecting poignant, meaningful, and entertaining true stories for this collection on Indochina. Send your best writing about Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, from the present day to the war era. War stories should be tied to the present with reflections on lessons learned, mistakes made or avoided.Deadline: OPEN Est. Release Date: TBA

Destinations: 30 Days in... We're planning a new line of short destination titles, each of which will include 30 stories. For a description of the kinds of stories we're looking for, see below. Titles in the works:
30 Days in Baja
30 Days in the Caribbean
30 Days in England
30 Days in the Himalayas
30 Days in Japan
30 Days in New Zealand
30 Days in North Africa
30 Days in Panama
30 Days in Switzerland
Deadline for submission: OPEN Est. Release Date: TBA

Women on the Edge. True stories of high adventure and danger around the world, from ice climbing to white water rafting, from war zones to animal encounters, from dangerous border crossings to besting the world's most dangerous predator-man. Deadline for submissions: OPEN Est. Release Date: TBA

Literary Traveler

We are currently seeking submissions for these themes:
Literary travel and being "green." In other words, articles that focus on literary figures and/or places, but with an environmental message, theme or twist.
Open themes.


Michele said...

Great markets, Colleen! I've been meaning to submit to Travelers Tales for over a year now and just never have. Thanks for reminding me about it!

So glad to see you doing well with your writing. :-) I haven't visited in quite a while, but my 'real world' life is settling down a little more now and I'm trying to make my rounds back to all my favorite blogs. Yours is one of them!

Have a fantabulous day, writing the cyber highway!


Colleen said...

Hi Michele,

I know, I've looked at Travelers Tales several times and ended up submitting to other places instead. They have such open topics, and so many different books they're working on - which you'd think was a great thing - but it's a bit overwhelming.

I'll make you a deal: we both submit an article to them by the end of July. That would give us two months to work on something. What's the worst that can happen? They send it back? ! :)

Thanks for the nice words about my blog. I take them to heart, considering the source.

Michele said...

Absolutely! I'll commit to submitting to Travelers Tales by July. I'll keep you posted. :-) Best of luck with yours!

You're most welcome for the compliments of your blog. Keep up the great work, Colleen!


Michele said...

Hey, Colleen, I'd love to invite you to a private network for women in media and for girls and women's advocacy. If you're interested in joining, contact me, and I'll send you an invite! :-)

Colleen said...

Great! Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to write about...