Monday, June 2, 2008

Breakthrough #1: Byline Magazine

The first time I seriously tried getting published was about eight years ago. I took a writing class with a short, talkative blond-haired woman who had been publishing in parenting magazines for at least 10 years. I was so in awe of her: a “real writer” in the flesh. I couldn’t even work up the nerve to go up to her after class and ask a question. I did, however, work up the nerve to mail out several of my manuscripts…none of which made it to publication.

I took a second semester of her course, then a writing group she led, but eventually drifted off and got involved in “other things” – otherwise known as Writing Rejection Avoidance.

Anyways, back then in that class, before I’d quit writing for the second time, Linda told us about a magazine called Byline. Kind of like Writer’s Digest, but more likely to publish beginning writers. That night I got on the internet and subscribed online.

Each month I received Byline and read it through: the tips articles, the “My First Publication” section, and one of my favorites – the back of the book personal essays. If ever I get something published in this magazine, I thought, I’ll know I’m a real writer.

It wasn’t until I began this blog that I got up the confidence to submit an article to Byline in March, and a second article a month later. I also got in touch with Linda from those writing classes and set up weekly privates by phone: finally, I saw her as a regular person, someone just like me.

Last Tuesday I received an email from Robbi Hess, Byline’s editor, letting me know they want to publish one of my articles. Imagine, a mass of other writers, reading my words! I was escstatic. A mass of other writers, reading my words. I was hyperventilating.

The topic of the article? The opportunities that have opened since I finally allowed myself to believe that I am a real writer. It's more than coincidence. It's perfect.


ccpl said...

Love this! Congrats and thanks for sharing -- the topic of the article is especially inspiring!

Michele said...

WOO HOO, Colleen! I'm SO proud of you! :-)

Keep up the great work, girl! Keep shining!


Colleen said...

Thanks Carmen! The best part is that it's true :)

Colleen said...

Thank you Michele!