Monday, September 15, 2008

Back in the Writing (Sofa) Groove

So long, plans for a new 4-seater sofa free of stains and filled with plump, soft clouds of cotton. Hello, used sofa with ink streaks from my favorite blue pen, with the permanent groove where I sat writing my book each day for seven months, the cushions parting like a combover every time I sat down.

I never thought sinking through sofa cushions could feel this good. It could have something to do with the fact that I'm sinking through with a computer on my lap and partially finished article up on the screen...or maybe it feels so good because instead of managing phones, answering questions, calming down angry callers, I spent the day - the day! - researching leads and new story ideas, and reading some of my favorite book passages for inspiration.

And while I'd love to sit in this spot forever, my rump is getting somewhat sore, and I have to believe - no, I know: somewhere between a hectic, paid call center job and my heavenly sofa groove, there's a place where writing meets income. Serious income. I'm talking new sofa income, writing conference income, buy-a-house-income.

I plan to find that place. I plan to find it now, to meet my first financial goal by Christmas. First stop? The submit-$100-per-day-plan is being increased to $200 per day. In addition to submitting $200 worth of articles and proposals each day, I've followed my mentor Linda's lead by charting my financial goals to keep track of progress and make sure I'm on-course.

And if I keep faith and stay on course, a new sofa isn't so far off in the future. In the meantime, the writing sofa groove isn't such a bad place to be.


ccpl said...

Inspirational, Colleen! Congratulations and Godspeed!!

None said...

Thanks Carmen, it's great to hear from you again!

ACW said...

You'll have the new sofa and matching chair in no time, Colleen! And even if the ottoman comes first, you are well on the path to writing success. Remember, only a small part is the talent (which you have in overabundance) -- it's perseverence, determination, and good old fashioned hutzpah that will get you there!