Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mining for Gold in Your Kitchen Sink

I hate to say it, but I missed out on a great writing gig because I was too busy focused on what jobs might be "out there," instead of what was right under my big French nose. The truth is, if we're willing to do a bit of digging, sometimes the best writing jobs are as close as a friend, a co-worker - heck, or our very own kitchen sink.

This week my sister told me that the organization she heads has been paying someone $400 per month to write their monthly newsletter...for almost a year now! The coordinator at Literacy Volunteers, where I volunteer, told me that a part-time paid job would be available in the next few weeks (luckily, before the job's been taken). And my husband, whose clients pay thousands of dollars for his marketing and business plan advice, offered to help me with my own. Why hadn't I known about Sherie's organization's newsletter, Literacy Volunteers' upcoming job, or thought of asking for my husband's professional thoughts?

While I believe it's a good idea to strike a balance between family, friends and business, that isn't why I hadn't jumped at these opportunities. I was too busy thinking the next great thing was outside of my circle to cultivate some of the opportunities right where I was.

It's amazing how many people we already know are looking for marketing or writing/editing help - if we'll only talk with them about it.


Michele said...

I know what you mean! I was listening to someone just the other day as they mentioned they're going to be needing a brochure for their business (that's really taken off) soon. I was thinking... um... I'm a writer! BUT I DIDN'T SAY IT OUT LOUD!!! AM I CRAZY??!!! Luckily, the opportunity is still available. I'm the world's worst, though, at just not paying attention to who/what is around me... so don't feel bad, girl. You aren't the only one this kind of thing happens to. :-)


None said...

Here's the thing - if you'd offered to create the brochure, chances are the person would've jumped at the opportunity. But it still feels pushy from this end of the offer - I guess we all need to just suck it up (as my sister used to tell me) & go for it! Did you manage to get the job?