Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How Does She Do That?!...and How Can I?

Every now and then you meet Superwoman - you know, the lady who does 20,000 things a day and still has time to organize her shoes by height and color?

When I met her, my Superwoman was a mom, wife, full-time corporate exec, grad student - and here's the killer - an aspiring writer. As I took writing classes with her and read through her 1,000-word long critiques, wondering how on earth she had time to READ the pieces, nevermind write about them, I knew I had two choices:

1. Drown in jealousy and pretend she didn't exist
2. Get inspired, knowing that, heck - if she could get through the program with a full-time job and family, I certainly could!

After graduation, Superwoman has gone on to create her own business, speak on life balance, get published several times over, and most recently, become the resident expert at (yep, she travels too).

I'll be talking with her about how she managed to get a great position like this and what it involves, in the hopes of following in her footsteps. I'll post on it soon.

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