Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where the Clients Are

If you want the fish, you've got to go to the water.

That's according to Mary Boudreau, who owns her own company and still manages to act as director of the state Homebuilders Association. Mary spoke at a local business owners' meeting that I made myself go to on Monday night.

I went in hoping to meet a business owner I'd heard needed a newsletter written, and ended up hitting the JACKPOT of writing leads. Yep, I came out with - count'em - four job possibilities.

Businessowners of all levels were there, from Don, the cool dread-locked lacrosse team owner, who needs everything from a website to a newsletter, to a family that runs their own established & successful pet nutrition company.

Not only were there leads, but the more established business people have contacts galore - and offer their knowledge and contacts for free to all members of the organization. Okay, so freelancers may not be small business owners in the conventional sense. But as Mary Boudreau said:

Who cares?

It turns out that she joined a select few groups that didn't have anything to do with her profession - she joined because she would meet people there who'd most likely need her services. It's simple, really. Once you get out your door. And out of your comfort zone. And through the 15 minutes of networking with people you don't know and have nothing obvious in common with.

Okay, not so simple. But definitely worthwhile.

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