Monday, January 5, 2009

Coming to Terms With My Tagline

It's sat at the top of my blog for the past year, alternately exciting or freaking me out: On a mission to break into the magazine market and establish a freelance writing career by January 2009.

As I wrote that line last February, I was already imagining my January 2009 conclusion post. In it, I would happily (dare I say, obnoxiously?) review how far I'd come in the past year. There would be mention of publication in Family Circle, and heck, maybe even a second glossy. I'd post a record of my earnings, from the 4 cents Ehow paid me in March, to the thousands I'd be making by January.


Okay, I had high expectations. But not unreachable. And working towards those goals landed me the role of newsletter editor at two organizations, publication in regional magazines and [enter joyous singing choir] Byline Magazine. So 2008 wasn't a total wash.

I am closer to the writing, money-making homebound paradise I imagined a year ago, so I've decided to revise that tagline for the upcoming year and continue slogging ahead.

Here's hoping we all get to write the obnoxious type of post I'm imagining for 2010!


ACW said...

I believe you are right on track! You are focused, goal-oriented, and a heck of a good writer. You are also tenacious and persevere.

Keep going!!!! I love this blog!!!

None said...

Thanks for the encouragement! The trick is going to be holding onto the focus through the next 12 months..

ccpl said...

I'm in! January 2010 here we come!

Colleen said...

Okay, we're all in it now.

(that wasn't supposed to sound so forboding) :)