Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This is Going to Sound Really Obvious, But-

Forget writing to magazines for sample issues, standing at Borders and debating over which four magazines to buy with your $20 budget, or stacking years' worth of magazine subscriptions into the closet, on the off chance you'll want to submit to them someday.

This is going to sound really obvious, but I swear I didn't think of it until recently: just get them at the library!

Well, maybe not Taxidermists United or the African Sporting Gazette, but (as I discovered) probably national magazines like Self, Prevention and Natural Solutions. And what better way to do market research than to pull up one of those cushiony, brown reading chairs and look through several current and back issues of relevant magazines?

For the budget-conscious writer, there's only one word that can describe the shelf after shelf of "free sample issues" sitting there pristinely, hardly read and practically begging to be poured over: JACKPOT.

So come Monday, I'll be hard at "work"...sunk into a chair...surrounded by books...and reading my favorite magazines. Talk about a jackpot.


ACW said...

Yea libraries!!!! The other benefit is that you need to schedule time to go and read the magazines - which means you'll focus more on them than when trying to read with the distractions at home.

Another great find at the library during these challenging economic times - the DVDs! They're free! Also, some libraries now offer downloads of audiobooks as part of their online services.

Libraries - worth rediscovering.

ccpl said...

Envious! Libraries are what i miss most about the U.S. You are blessed!

Colleen said...

DVDs! I haven't taken one out yet, but did borrow an audio of Fahrenheit 451 for a recent road trip. Thanks for the tip about downloads - I'll have to ask if they offer that.

Carmen, who knows? Maybe you could download from a US library to your computer there...