Monday, January 26, 2009

Fantastic First Liners

The below are from a friend's list of "25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you." Talk about some great first lines and story ideas! The best part? We've all got quarks like this to write about and ravage for all they're worth.

1. I forced my husband to drink tea in the morning by putting the coffee maker in the shed where he couldn't find it.

2. I am freaked out by meat. If I have even one bite over my meat limit, I feel like never eating it again. I don't touch raw meat more than twice a year.

3. I live below my means, getting some sort of perverted joy out of major bargains and repurposing materials that would go to waste. I do this somewhat because it makes life easier: work less, vacation more, not worry about keeping up with the Joneses... or maybe it's just from growing up poor. But most people in LA just think I'm a little off my rocker.

4. I wear a scarf almost every day of the year and have a section of my closet devoted to them.

5. I had a cat in college that was black and white, spotted like a cow, and had seven toes on each front paw. Her name was Molly Moo. Short for Molybdenim Moo. I don't know. Stupid.

6. One time when I was 13, I built a mechanism in my room that allowed me to turn my light on and off from my bed entirely out of yarn, magnets and nails.

7. I don't really like even numbers.

8. My favorite toy as a child was my tape recorder. I went through tape after tape with my best friend, making up funny radio programs, stories, commercials, urgent news and weather forecasts.

9. I dress especially fancy sometimes for a girl that doesn't paint her nails.

10. I am dreaming of buying that new hanger at IKEA that looks like a bunch of circles knitted together.

11. Sometimes I'll wear elbow length opera gloves when driving to protect the skin on my hands and arms. I don't even take them off when I go into the grocery store or to pick Luke up from school. Extra fancy.

12. I am super punctual. I can gauge my arrival time down to a few minutes, even if I'm hours away. I am almost never late.

Thanks, Diana, for letting me share some of these.

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