Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DO NOT, I Repeat, DO NOT Wait By the Inbox

I did it this morning. Pasted that magazine query into an email and hit 'send'. It's only been an hour and I have to admit: after a short celebration with three Dove chocolate eggs and an episode of Charmed, I checked the inbox.

Why's it so tempting to hang out and let the rest of my writing hang out, too, while I wait for a response? In the past, I've waited days--months, even--for some sort of reply before I moved on to the next project. That was when I had a full-time job, when I could afford to consider myself a hobby writer. As a full-time freelancer, I need to forget about that query and move onto my next one.

With any luck, it'll be a whole four hours before I check my inbox again.


ACW said...

Love this post! What I've learned for both my writing and my consulting business is that you've got to force yourself to focus on those "sales calls," queries, and proposals...and the greater volume you create on that end, the less time you have to check that inbox constantly! Tough to put into practice, but like anything it's making it a habit. Then you may just have a lovely surprise waiting that "You've Got Mail!"

Tiffany said...

Stumbled upon your blog through WrinkledPage (recommended by a friend) and LOVE it! As a budding freelancer myself, I can completely relate with so many of your posts! Especially this one! It's hard to stay focused in the writing when the "selling" is oh-so satisfying! Can't wait to read more!

Elizabeth Ferris said...

Hi! ANne WItkavich told me about your blog and I want to be a follower... how do I accomplish that? I can't find the button to click :-(

Colleen said...


Thanks so much for the nice words! I completely agree, it's way too easy to lose focus (like I just did the past couple of weeks). Luckily getting back on track is as easy as hitting the computer & submissions again.

Colleen said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Excellent! In the upper right-hand corner of the blog there's a button marked "Posts", that allows you to add the blog to your reader.

Thanks for the reminder - I need to add that button a couple more places.

Colleen said...


You're so right, it's all about keeping up the volume. I was in such a groove a few months ago that I even forgot what submissions were out there. Time to get back to that!

Empty Refrigerator said...

I am so glad I found this blog! I'm slowly making my way through all your posts. It's fantastic, and I'll be sending you some "link-love" next month.

Colleen said...

Empty Refridgerator,

Thanks so much for the nice words, which inspired me to start posting again today, instead of waiting for a "better time" when the baby was more cooperative :)