Friday, February 24, 2012

Stir Factor: What Writers Can Learn from Jeremy Lin

With so many people out there wanting to get a book published (83% of Americans, according to one poll), how can one (very determined) writer improve her chances?

It's called Stir Factor, and Jeremy Lin's got it. While USA Today refers to him as a "sudden sensation," I imagine the road to success hasn't felt so "sudden" to him, after years of college playing and surviving release from 2 former teams.

Creating a buzz around ourselves as writers doesn't happen overnight, either, but isn't the end result worth the patience?

It was for Lin. Today it's hard to turn on a radio or television without hearing about him. He's most certainly causing a stir - something writer Christina Katz says is a must if you want to get published. And while most of us aren't NBA stars with national television exposure, there's no reason we can't get involved in the community and make waves there. Because if a writer already has a following in a certain area, they're more likely to sell books. And isn't that what the business end of publishing is all about?

As for Lin? Hachette Book Group will publish his biography in May.

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