Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Get Out of the Inbox And Back To Writing, Woman

There were three options for the 2012 writing challenge that I learned about today while  avoiding writing doing writing market research: write 1,000 words per day, 500 or 250.

Considering I've never finished a nanowrimo, and never even started it this year, I'm aiming low:

Five hundred words could be a blog post, a short article, journal entry or even some brainstorming paragraphs for the book. I'm not picky. The main thing is to get back to actual writing, and away from "market research" and discouragement at what's not appearing in my inbox.

The catch to this challenge is that if you don't reach the word limit every day, you have to take the badge off your blog/site. If you're an honest writer, that is. I'm happy to say it's here legally for at least one more day - in fact, I wrote 1,025 words at my writing group tonight.

I wonder if banking the extra 525 for tomorrow is cheating...

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