Sunday, March 4, 2012

Here's the Thing About Publication Goals

I recently added a 2012 Goals Tracker to the blog so that, despite the rejections that are sure to roll in, I can feel this sense of accomplishment as I see the number of published articles slowly increase.


We're only two months in, and at this point in the goal-game I'm not "hot," "hotter," "toasty" or even Boston-in-May lukewarm. I'd say I'm more "frozen-in-an-iceburg-on-an-Antarctic shelf."

So there it is:
0 Published Articles

Each time I look at that zero, I feel the need to explain myself. But I won't. Instead of getting hung up on publication and feeling totally out of control, I'll focus on what I can do: submit articles - 3 per month - and continue searching for more markets.

So I've added another line to my Goal Tracker: "0 submitted articles" Thanks to some submitting earlier today, at least that zero's going the way of the Antarctic.

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