Thursday, March 1, 2012

How Not to Waste (Writing) Time Blogging

I recently spoke to a food blogger who lamented about spending hours on one 700-word blog post (think cooking, taking pictures, writing recipes and attending food/blogging events,,,nevermind writing the actual piece).

I've always felt that this blog was a benefit, not to mention a much-needed kick in the butt at times.

I think it's because:

1. The blog topic - trying to get published - is an extension of what I already do. When I read books and articles and go to events, I'm not doing it for the blog posts. The posts are just a way to take notes and track progress.
2. I reuse some posts by expanding and submitting them to writer's publications. My Byline article started out here as a post. Some ideas never even make it to the blog; I just write full-length articles instead.
3. Writing 3 posts a week forces me to keep producing fresh ideas and writing about them.
4. I've been able to connect with other writers in similar situations, who were routed to my blog.
5. I'll be able to show writing publications that I can consistently produce work, and that I have a readership. Someday.
6. Not to bring it up again, but I'm bringing it up again - platform building. I've decided to focus on my main two "interests" nowadays: writing and motherhood. I just started my mom blog and it's already helping me find a voice in a niche I'm new to.

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