Monday, May 21, 2012

An Experiment: Can You Mass Email Regional Parenting Magazines?

Emailing a simultaneous submission to 100+ different editors takes time. So last month, I channeled my physicist husband and experimented. Instead of emailing each editor individually and addressing them by name, I blind copied all of the editors in one email and nixed the "Dear Susan" line.

The result:  it's a month later, and I haven't heard back from any of them. Not even the one really sweet editor in New Jersey, who a few years ago always took the time to thank me - even when she couldn't use an article. 

Now, I know the mass email technique works for some writers, and the lack of responses could be just a coincidence. But I'd usually have heard back from at least two editors by now. I have a feeling that you need to be regularly submitting selling articles to editors before they trust that you're a professional. Then maybe they'll be willing to overlook standard etiquette.

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